FERC should issue a deficiency letter to New England ISO on Order 2222

Even though the New England ISO has seven market participation models for aggregating DERs fairly, FERC should issue a deficiency letter because none of those models work due to the high cost of metering implementation.

Denver vehicle-to-building pilot yields net benefits

A collaboration between Fermata Energy, The Alliance Center, and Colorado CarShare has resulted in over $950 in savings on its electricity bills in just four months using one Fermata Energy 15-kW bidirectional charger and one Nissan LEAF.

Enphase and SolarEdge participating in grid services pilot with APS

The DER program offers two options for homeowners in APS’s service territory with batteries from participating vendors to earn money through one-time, upfront incentives.
Flooded oil refinery in Southern Louisiana following Hurricane Ida. Photo Credit: US Coast Guard via Flickr 

Build Louisiana Back Resilient

Like Hurricane Katrina and numerous storms before it, Hurricane Ida demolished Louisiana’s outdated, fossil-fuel dependent energy system. It’s time for Louisiana leadership to prioritize resilient solutions over continued fossil-fuel investment.
Photo Credit: Malp/Bigstock.com

On batteries, minerals, the circular economy, and finite supply

As the fossil fuel industry rages against the dying of the gas light, they continue to work to plant doubt about an economy centered around solar and wind paired with battery storage.
Battery storage

The next frontier of electric power will maximize renewable energy and storage

The next frontier goes beyond the shift from fossil fuels to renewables and moves toward different power resources working together.
Battery storage

Distributed solar+storage should qualify for Minnesota utility energy efficiency programs

While retiring old units and replacing them with new and efficient units is rewarding both to the utility investors and the customers, it is coming at the expense of distributed solar.

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