Here’s how pumped hydro works as an energy storage resource

Batteries get the hype, but pumped hydro has long been the energy storage workhorse.

Greenbacker invests in energy storage startup

The investment comes as the company aims to raise a "significant" amount of funding.

Building out renewables in India could cost $26.5b through 2030, report says

The report by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discusses investment needed for India to meet its clean energy targets by 2030.
100% renewable energy germany

Texas lands $1 billion investment in solar and battery projects

Two facilities with a combined capacity of 400 MW/800 MWh of battery storage and 600 MW of solar power generation will be built in Caldwell County beginning in Spring 2022

Global energy storage market set to grow 20X by 2030; will hit 1 TWh

According to the latest outlook from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), energy storage installations will reach a cumulative 358 gigawatts/1,028 gigawatt-hours by the end of 2030, more than twenty times larger than the 17 gigawatts/34 gigawatt-hours online at the end of 2020.

Texas adds battery storage to support grid ahead of winter

An extreme winter storm that left millions of Texans without power in February highlighted the rapid need for more battery storage to support the state's grid.

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