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On batteries, minerals, the circular economy, and finite supply

As the fossil fuel industry rages against the dying of the gas light, they continue to work to plant doubt about an economy centered around solar and wind paired with battery storage.

U.S. government providing $209 million for EV battery research

The U.S. will provide funding for 26 new EV battery research projects, and is taking steps to bolster the domestic lithium battery supply chain.
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Massachusetts school bus shaves peak demand in first V2G program for district

Highland Electric Fleets announced this week what it called a “historic breakthrough for local clean energy” in which an electric school bus in Beverly, Massachusetts successfully delivered power back to the electricity grid for more than 50 hours over the course of the summer.

The impact of EV charging on the grid: business models and consumer behaviors

A parked EV has the potential to be a connected car—a battery pack engaged with the power grid with opportunities for charge coordination, interactive intelligence, and dynamic energy management.

Portland utility targets distributed energy, smart grid in net-zero plan

Portland General Electric has outlined a path to net-zero emissions that relies on rapidly adding renewable energy assets and utilizing customer-sited distributed energy resources for grid resiliency.
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Massachusetts finds early success with behind-the-meter energy storage program

Massachusetts has found early success with its behind-the-meter energy storage incentive program. The ConnectedSolutions program compensates residential and commercial customers for allowing utilities to draw...

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