Teams aim to remove barriers to solar in underserved places

A program by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory will provide financial and technical support to teams across the country looking to expand access to solar for underserved communities.
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Florida’s solar policy gets a controversial overhaul

Ready for the governor's signature, the bill would allow governing bodies to determine who can install solar systems and phase down net metering credits.
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Solar module makers seek Biden administration support

U.S. solar module manufacturers are asking for President Biden to back legislation that would bolster the domestic supply chain, calling the current moment "an inflection point" for the industry. 

MISO and SPP ‘seams study’ could boost renewables

MISO and SPP released the results of their 18-month study focused on improving reliability and resolving targeted transmission constraints along their shared boundaries or “seams.”

U.S. clean energy investments topped $100b in 2021

Renewable energy and electric vehicles received the bulk of the overall U.S. clean energy investing capital, which increased 11% year-over-year.

Renewables, nuclear and energy efficiency in IEA plan to break EU reliance on Russian...

The International Energy Agency unveiled a 10-point plan which it believes could wean the European Union off Russian gas imports by more than a third by this time next year.

FERC should issue a deficiency letter to New England ISO on Order 2222

Even though the New England ISO has seven market participation models for aggregating DERs fairly, FERC should issue a deficiency letter because none of those models work due to the high cost of metering implementation.

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